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China's auto industry engineering plastics used--News center
China's auto industry engineering plastics used
Source:EMPC  Date:2016/11/5  1072

It was reported that BASF's technical center in Shanghai from 2007 onwards started to provide engineering plastics testing simulation software Ultrasim, BASF now hope to win by virtue of the product China's domestic automobile manufacturers attention.

Is now booming Chinese auto market has tremendous appeal. China Automobile Association (CAA) had predicted that by the end of this year, China's market, car sales will exceed 11 million. Although this figure is quite alarming, but most of the local car manufacturers still lag behind in the use of engineering plastics.

BASF Engineering Plastics Asia Pacific Hermann Althoff, group vice president, said: "We believe that China offers enormous potential, with the exception here is the rapid development of automobile industry, the future of their (engineering plastics) may also be used to grow five-fold the above. "

Engineering Plastics help to reduce the gross vehicle weight, improve energy efficiency and fuel-efficient. Similar Ultrasim Such a procedure would also help to speed up certain parts of the design and production speed, thus lowering production costs. These simulation software to expand the application of engineering plastics are also helpful. Althoff said: "Through these simulation software designed for engineering plastics can be used for the original is limited to specific areas of metal."

The software is through a comprehensive data set to describe the various characteristics of BASF engineering plastics. It also takes into account the glass fiber is used to enhance the engineering plastics in the mold filling in of parts specific ways to exert influence. The program can simulate the high-stress scenarios and vehicle collisions, demonstration components react to them. In addition, taking into account the product react in a way a long time after use.

Althoff said: "Today's vehicles need to adapt to a variety of harsh environments, including extreme heat, cold, and the rock terrain and mud land. Therefore, the plastic must have a high durability, can be reliably and effectively in these harsh environments the next play. "

However, Ultrasim software, there are also some limitations. Because the program contained in the data set only with the BASF materials related to the other materials may not be applicable. In addition, the engineering plastics production costs may be higher than metal materials. Althoff acknowledged, said: "The cost of light trucks may be higher." But he added, there is no way to reduce costs will not be, such as the wide range of functions can be integrated into an engineering plastic parts in the same.

Although China's automobile manufacturers in the car used in the plastic remains small, but Althoff found that people on the growing interest in new materials. He said: "China's auto manufacturers are moving toward the high end. In Europe and the United States, follow the same laws of automotive development - the more sophisticated high-end cars, the engineering plastics used in the more."

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